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The Christopher Company Edge

You’ll get a system to do the heavy lifting of business development.
We define, distill and lock down your value propositions, your images and your branding. Then we turn these into a system of marketing themes that work independently. The result is a powerful suite of tools, channels and formats – both online and offline – that lets you deliver relevant messages in the sequence and methods your audience responds to.

You’ll discover secret ways of reaching your key buyers.
You’ll get on the radar of decision makers like design engineers, purchasing agents and people who spend money on what you build. We understand the subtle ways they like to be informed, courted and persuaded.

Ramp-up time is almost nil.
We know the intricacies of industrial and business-to-business marketing because we’ve worked with dozens of industrial and manufacturing companies. You won’t spend any time getting us up to speed because we know your buzz words, your equipment, the key issues you face everyday.

We make your life easier by listening and taking action.
We know you're busy and don't have time to put a marketing program together. That's why we're here. To take the time to address your marketing needs so you can concentrate on running your company. And when you work with us, you won't have to repeat yourself, because we listen carefully, take good notes and analyze everything thoroughly.