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Marketing Quiz

Just add up the points from each answer to help your determine your company's marketing strengths and areas for improvement.

How strong is your company's overall marketing strategy?

  • 1 point - We have no overall marketing strategy.
  • 2 points - We had a marketing strategy, but we've lost track of it and seldom use it to focus our effort in developing selling tools.
  • 3 points - We have a strong, effective overall marketing strategy that still applies to the company we are today.

How comprehensive is your company's print marketing effort?

  • 1 point - We have no printed company materials except business cards and stationery.
  • 2 points - We have a brochure as well as letterhead and business cards, but they're the same materials we've used for years and some of them are getting out of date.
  • 3 points - We have a number of effective marketing tools aimed at different ways of increasing our sales.

Do you have a single, striking logo that communicates your company's identity clearly?

  • 1 point - We have no logo.
  • 2 points - We have a logo, but it's pretty hard to tell from looking at it what our company does. Or... it communicates what we do but it's getting dated.
  • 3 points - We have an attractive logo that clearly says who we are and what we do.

How effectively is your company using the Internet to promote itself?

  • 1 point - We have no web site.
  • 2 points - We have a web site, but it's just a page with an ad on it.
  • 3 points - We have an attractive web site that takes full advantage of the Internet. It involves the web visitors, provides information, and gives them clear reasons and opportunities to contact or order from us.

How effective is the copy you use in your advertising?

  • 1 point - We write it in-house and, while not perfect, it seems okay.
  • 2 points - We've used professional copywriters to create our materials, but while well written, the various pieces all sound like they were done by different people.
  • 3 points - All our materials are professionally written and work together in a unified voice.

Are you expanding your marketing across various media?

This includes direct mail, newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, Internet, point of sale, tradeshow and yellow pages advertising.

  • 1 point - We haven't really thought about it that comprehensively.
  • 2 points - We've studied some of these, but not all. Mostly we try something when a salesman presents a convincing case for his product.
  • 3 points - We have evaluated all of the available media and take advantage of the ones which work best for us.

The Key

Total up the points from questions 1-8 to measure your company's marketing savvy.

  • 16-18 points - Outstanding marketing. Congratulations! You have put substantial effort and thought into helping your company grow.
  • 14-16 points - Good marketing. Your advertising and marketing is accomplishing much, but to be as effective as possible, some areas still have room for improvement.
  • 12-14 points - Fair marketing. There are a number of areas where your company's marketing tools could be more effective.
  • Less than 12 points - Marketing Emergency! Your company needs to begin a unified effort to create or improve its marketing tools.