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Logo Questionnaire

These questions are a starting point for the design of your logo. The more that you can tell us about yourself and your company, the better we can do. A little time spent thinking about these questions will be well spent.

There are no right or wrong answers. Feel free to leave blank any questions you don't have the answers for. On the other hand, please try to give us as much information as possible. YOUR SPECIFIC ANSWERS will really help us to create the image you have of your business. After all, it's much better to ask questions and get firm answers rather than just 'mind-read' or guess at what you want.

Once complete, be sure to hit the send button at the bottom to send the completed form to us for review. Required fields are marked *

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Company Background

What is the exact wording of the name for which you want a logo designed?
Is it the full name? Is it just initials? Do we use any specific words such as INC., INCORPORATED, or COMPANY? Please be specific.

If the name is not your personal one, how did your company come up with its name?
If it has initials or an unusual wording, what do they mean?

Please describe the type of business it is?

Please describe in detail the products or services you provide.
What are the benefits prospects enjoy while working with you or using your products?

What five to seven words best describe your company, its products or services?

Is there any other information that you think might help us to gain insight into your particular business, profession, or service?

Are there any images, colors, or words that should be AVOIDED?

Are there any images, colors, or words that should be INCLUDED?

The Competitive Environment

What makes your business unique from others of its kind?

What are the key strengths of your business?
Please describe them in terms of benefit for your clients?

Who are your top three or four competitors in this field?
What are their names and web addresses?

Describe your most important competitor and why they are a 'player'.

How have they branded their company, their products or services?
In other words, what do they do that makes their identity stand out to you? Do they have special colors or shape of logo? Or is it what they do, or who they do it for?

The Audience

Who are your customers in general?

Please describe your ideal client in terms of age, gender, and location.

Define the audience(s) that are most important to you in terms of conveying a distinct visual image.
Scientific Community
Financial Institutions
Other (please specify below)

Identity Questions

What are some of your main concerns about business identity?

List two or three attributes which would describe your company.

What kind(s) of feeling do you want to project?
Other (Please describe below)

Which company logos-either local or national-do you find appealing?
What specifically about them do you like?

Review and Submit

Take a look back to make sure you have included as much information as possible, then press send.

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