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Fourteen elements of a good brochure or website

Ever notice that some brochures are good resources for you while some make you wonder why they even bothered? A website, too, can be either exciting and informative or a real dud. While there are additional, interactive properties of web sites that don't apply to brochures, first let's take a look at the basic elements that are contained in both.

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Eleven ways to use your brochures

Now that you have a good supply of professionally designed and written brochures, how do you get them to work hard for you? Although you may have had these brochures created specifically to attract new customers, there are many ways that they can be used to build your business.

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Seven ways to make your company more competitive

How does your company distinguish itself from its competitors? Most companies say they offer great quality, service and prices-so making those claims, alone, may not be convincing. They are important qualities, and should be included in marketing efforts, but they should be explained in concrete terms.

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Six characteristics of a good logo

A good logo is a graphic representation of your business. It is used to convey information about your business, visually differentiate your company and give it a memorable identity. Here are six attributes often found in good logos. Use these as a guide to evaluating your logo and others.

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Five problems to avoid when designing your logo

Just because a logo is attractive doesn't mean it's effective. If it doesn't convey information about your business, it's not serving its purpose. Here are five ideas to consider when designing your logo.

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